For startup companies, there’s a lot more that goes into launching a business than simply having a great idea or product. From securing the appropriate financing to scaling for growth, emerging companies need partners that can help them reach the next tier along the path to success.

That’s why Skoda Minotti’s Emerging Companies Group is pleased to be part of JumpStart’s Preferred Partner Program. The goal of the program is to facilitate a relationship between startups and partners that JumpStart trusts to help them with their specific needs.

Startups don’t always have a strong capital reserve at the early stages of their businesses. JumpStart aims to address this issue by creating a unique structure that is divided into three stages. Under the suggested framework, the partner donates time to clients. After this step, the client transitions the relationship to a reduced billable rate. Ultimately, the client and partner shift to a full payable rate. Throughout the program, JumpStart plays an active role in making sure that its partners are helping clients reach their potential.

This partnership is the latest initiative for Skoda Minotti’s Emerging Companies Group, which was established to help emerging companies bring big ideas to life. This includes helping clients secure funding, as well as accounting, tax, investor relations and governance-related services. The group is made up of experienced professionals who provide tailor-made services based on the specific needs of the client.

For Skoda Minotti, partnering with JumpStart allows the firm to collaborate with a nonprofit that has been dedicated to helping startups reach the next level. Based in Cleveland, JumpStart has made a significant impact in the last decade. Over its history, JumpStart has been involved with over 6,500 companies. Since its inception, the nonprofit has invested nearly $60 million in 120 startups.

Our Emerging Companies Group works alongside clients at every stage of their journey, leveraging deep experience and applying unique insights that position them for success. We are passionate about helping emerging companies grow. To better serve our clients’ needs, we offer bundled services and flexible billing approaches to meet your schedule.

We invite you to learn more about Skoda Minotti’s Emerging Companies Group and how we can help your company scale for growth.

Do you have questions about our JumpStart partnership, or other emerging companies issues? Please contact Rich Mazzola, at 440-386-5164 or email Rich.
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