How many times have you been on a consumer website when suddenly your new “friend” Wendy or Andy offers to answer any questions you may have? While you may politely decline an offer of assistance, suddenly your experience with choosing an item becomes more personal. If you are close to making a purchase, now you can ask your final questions that will help you make the purchase instead of wavering and leaving the site altogether.

The business world is catching up with chatbotsthe computer program that simulates conversations with human users – and we see the trend increasing. A chatbot, powered by artificial intelligence (AI), can be built to specifically address the needs of your prospects and engage them along the way.

chatbot snippetIf you think about it, people have increasingly begun using messaging apps. By engaging with visitors in real time, you can provide instant customer support to move your prospect along the buyer’s journey, expedite orders, discover any pain points and offer a competitive advantage.

Chatbots are equipped with the ability to improve through continuous learning algorithms, delivering fast-paced, personalized responses. In other words, the bot gets smarter by learning from the conversations it has with the people engaging with it.

So give some thought to how you could incorporate chatbots into your site to optimize your visitors’ experience—regardless of whether they are prospects or existing clients. Can you answer questions quicker? Encourage repeat orders? Handle a customer service issue? AI is not a thing of the future; it’s here now, so it’s time to see how it fits into your business model.

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