At a time when many new, complex federal tax laws are still being digested by businesses and individuals alike, it’s nice to know that some things remain the same—all of the states that offered sales tax holidays last year will again offer them in 2018, with the addition of Wisconsin.

Most of these holidays are associated with back-to-school time or severe weather preparedness. Similar to last year, Florida and Ohio share the same dates for their back-to school sales tax holidays—Aug. 3-5. However, after combining all state tax holidays last year, Florida held its disaster preparedness sales tax holiday on separate dates—June 1-7.

Here is what you need to know.


This is the fourth sales tax holiday that the state of Ohio has offered. The cap on school supplies and items of school instruction material that are included as part of the tax holiday remain unchanged. From Friday, Aug. 3, 2018 at 12:00 a.m., through Sunday, Aug. 5, 2018 at 11:59 p.m., the following items are exempt from sales and use tax:

  • An item of clothing priced at $75 or less;
  • An item of school supplies priced at $20 or less; and
  • An item of school instructional material priced at $20 or less.


School Supply Sales Tax Holiday, Aug. 3-5

The upcoming sales tax holiday in August covers clothing and school supplies. Sales tax exemptions include:

  • Clothing, shoes, wallets, handbags and backpacks that cost $60 or less;
  • Computers that cost less than $750; and
  • School supplies, such as pens, pencils, binders and lunch boxes that cost less than $15.

In addition to Florida’s two sales tax holidays, the state will exempt any equipment to generate emergency electrical energy at a nursing home facility that is purchased between July 1, 2017 and Dec. 31, 2018.

Reflected below is a listing of the various sales tax holidays.

State Type 2018 Dates Information Links
Alabama Severe Weather Preparedness Held in February Link
Alabama Back-to-School July 20-22 Link
Arkansas Back-to-School August 4-5 Link
Connecticut Back-to-School August 19-25 Link
Florida Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Florida Severe Weather Preparedness Held in June Link
Iowa Back-to-School August 3-4 Link
Louisiana Severe Weather Preparedness Held in May Link
Louisiana Sales Tax Holiday August 3-4 Link
Maryland Energy Tax Holiday Held in February Link
Maryland Back-to-School August 12-18 Link
Mississippi Back-to-School July 27-28 Link
Missouri Show Me Green Held in April Link
Missouri Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
New Mexico Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Ohio Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Oklahoma Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
South Carolina Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Tennessee Back-to-School July 27-29 Link
Texas Energy-Efficient Products Held in May Link
Texas Water-Efficient Products Held in May Link
Texas Emergency Preparedness Held in April Link
Texas Back-to-School August 10-12 Link
Virginia Back-to-School August 3-5 Link
Virginia Water Sense August 3-5 Link
Wisconsin Back-to-School August 1-5 Link

The State of Tennessee has recently released further details  on its sales tax holiday.

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