The final excerpt from the e-book, “Moving From Chaos to Growth: The 7 Elements that Fuel Fast-Track Expansion and Profitability.

This blog series examines the 7 elements that fuel fast-track expansion and profitability, each of which is absolutely necessary in today’s competitive and evolving business landscape. When thoughtfully designed and faithfully implemented, these 7 elements allow a business owner to set the long-term vision of the business, define roles and responsibilities throughout the ranks and as a result, practically enable the business to operate by itself.

In this blog, we examine the seventh and final element: Discipline.

“We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit.” ~ ARISTOTLE

Discipline allows a business to refine its processes and optimize its products through repetition, continuous improvement and ongoing commitment to excellence. It’s about having what it takes to move toward execution, along with continued review, refinement and reinforcement.

In “Great by Choice,” Jim Collins wrote about the importance of discipline in achieving any goal.3 He tells of two explorers – Roald Amundsen and Robert Scott – who set out on an expedition to the South Pole. Amundsen made the roundtrip safely, while Robert Scott and his team perished. The difference was the internal discipline that Amundsen used with his team to cover 20 miles a day regardless of the weather. Scott, on the other hand, would travel extended distances on good weather days and lay back on bad weather days. While Scott’s approach seems like the right one, the overreach on good weather days exhausted his team, leaving them weak, challenged and susceptible on the bad weather days. In the end, Amundsen’s practical approach resulted in successfully reaching the South Pole and returning safely before Scott. It also saved his life and the lives of his team members.

Experienced leaders will seek to create constant discipline in all areas of their organization:

  • Consistent sales approaches and goals that don’t require superhuman efforts
  • Consistent investment approaches that seek to invest capital in new equipment, technology and staff on a regular basis rather than waiting for a crisis
  • Close to normal scheduling in order to limit overtime and burnout
  • Regular updates to products and services to maintain alignment with market trends
  • Regular check-ins with key accounts to ensure customer satisfaction

In this spirit, what can you do to create greater discipline in your business? While every day may feel like the greatest challenge ever, preparing for and laying a foundation through a consistent disciplined approach is what wins in the long run.

We hope this 7-part blog series provided valuable insight on moving from chaos to growth through the 7 elements that fuel fast-track expansion and profitability. We encourage you to think about ways that these elements apply to your business, and we are always happy to think through business challenges with you.

At Skoda Minotti, our Business Advisory Group Delivers on the Promise of proactive advice that will help you improve all aspects of your business operation:

  • Strategy and planning
  • Structuring and organizing
  • Implementing clear, repeatable processes
  • Creating, implementing and improving levers and systems
  • Creating signposts and measurements
  • Enabling action, discipline and continuous improvement to create the repetition necessary to fuel results

We welcome the opportunity to discuss the content in this e-book in more detail with you, answer your questions, talk through our approach to business growth planning and discuss how we can help you prepare and execute your winning plan.

Do you have questions about fueling expansion and profitability in your business, or other business challenges? Contact Dave Mustin, MBA, at 440-449-6800 or email Dave.

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