Each September, at its annual INBOUND conference, HubSpot generally announces a collection of exciting product updates, and this year is no exception. For a quick overview of the product announcements, you can view a brief video here. Below we summarize some of the highlights.

App Marketplace

One of the most exciting new features is the addition of the App Marketplace. You were previously able to connect hundreds of third-party software to your HubSpot account; however, finding details about the software and integration specifics was difficult at best. With the introduction of the new App Marketplace, you can easily browse integration options and even find new software solutions.

The new interface also quickly summarizes everything you need to know about each software in the marketplace, such as cost, required HubSpot version and more, so that you have a clear picture of capabilities and requirements before you take any next steps.

Marketing Starter New Features

Over the past year or two, HubSpot has focused on building out its Marketing product line to fit a variety of budgets. With this year’s updates, Marketing Starter is now a very complete offering starting at only $50/month. Two key new features:

  • Landing Pages – A brand-new drag-and-drop editor to create landing pages is now included in Starter.
  • Form Follow-up Emails – Send up to three automated emails after form submissions to start nurturing and converting leads.

Combined with last year’s addition of the drag-and-drop email editor, these features now enable a comprehensive email campaign to a targeted list, with a specific offer supported by a custom landing page and up to three nurturing emails. This represents strong value for clients just getting started with HubSpot at only a $50/month initial investment.

Sales Professional

The sales side of the HubSpot toolset also received an update this year with several new features at the Pro level:

  • Buy-now button – Create a call-to-action that directly connects a product in your product catalogue to an online purchase in Stripe. Stripe subscription required.
  • eSignature – Get digital signatures for quotes without printing and sending hard copies. eSignature is currently available as a feature in Sales Hub Enterprise but will now be added to the Pro product as well.
  • Calculated properties – Create fields that roll up data from other fields. Calculated properties is currently available as a feature in Sales Hub Enterprise but will now be added to the Pro product as well.

These features are clearly making it easier to track and measure actual sales transactions right inside of HubSpot. Having all this data in one place will make measuring ROI marketing/sales efforts more transparent than ever.

Reminder, with the new features of Sales Professional comes increased pricing of $500/month starting November 1. Act before then to lock in legacy pricing of $400/month and receive all the new feature updates at no additional cost.

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