As a new graduate and budding marketing professional, I went to great lengths to identify career opportunities that aligned with my personal values and goals. Upon submitting my application for “marketing coordinator” at Skoda Minotti, I knew instantly that my search for a rewarding, yet challenging, role had come to a close.

Today, it is hard to believe that I embarked on my Skoda Minotti journey just one month ago. After four short weeks of learning the ropes, I can already understand how clients can benefit from our blend of strategic marketing services.

I am delighted to share with you the unique strategic marketing practices that have opened my eyes to the one-of-a-kind Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing experience.

Keeping to My “Promise”

To begin, I have attended several marketing group meetings in my first 30 days. At the close of each meeting, my colleagues and I are reminded to “DOTP: Deliver on the Promise,” our Skoda Minotti brand promise. Yet, to me, it has come to symbolize the sheer determination and commitment to excellence we must possess to complete a strategic marketing project for our clients.

For example, each day that my colleagues have encouraged me to tackle new tasks, they have shown me what it means to Deliver on the Promise of maximizing personal and professional growth. And, in each instance that my team members have helped me gain exposure to the latest digital marketing software tools and industry trends, they have helped me understand what it means to deliver top-notch business advisory services.

Utilizing Powerful Marketing Software Tools

As part of our commitment to elevate brands, build loyalty and drive sales, the Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing Group leverages leading marketing software, including HubSpot, SEMRush and MailChimp, to connect with our clients’ customers, employees and prospects.

HubSpot, a versatile inbound marketing platform, offers a personalized and creative approach to driving visitors to a website, converting visitors to leads, turning leads into customers and delighting those customers through top-notch client service. I have already utilized this powerful marketing tool to update contact databases, create website forms, schedule social media posts and even create web pages for a newly redesigned site.

SEMrush, an all-inclusive platform for improving online visibility, operates as a suite that assists with pivotal digital marketing practices. I recently explored SEMRush’s tracking and analysis tools while performing a site audit for a newly reconstructed client website.

The website audit function is an invaluable SEMRush SEO reporting tool, as it takes the guesswork out of identifying and fixing onsite issues. In particular, I am most impressed with the error identification segment of the SEMRush audit report tool, which ensures that site pages are “crawled,” similar to how Google views a site, in an effort to detail existing and potential site errors.

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Lastly, I have had significant exposure to MailChimp, a leading email marketing platform, with an innovative approach to managing and interacting with clients. This application’s strategic contact and campaign management properties make it a breeze to engage with audiences. It also offers powerful data analytics capabilities that we use to analyze our clients’ campaigns.

The Road Ahead

As I embark on the next steps of my journey with Skoda Minotti, I look forward to expanding my marketing knowledge, refining my industry expertise and finding more ways to Deliver on the Promise to our clients. I intend to harvest my marketing potential by staying up to date with marketing trends and gaining additional exposure to popular software and applications, such as Google AdWords and WordPress. In the coming months, I also look forward to enrolling in courses that support marketing best practices.

If your business needs help reaching target audiences, improving online visibility or enhancing your content marketing techniques, contact the Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing Group at 440-449-6800.

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