In this tech-savvy business world, it is common for businesses to keep their social media accounts up to date with new content on a daily or weekly basis, but sometimes they forget to interact with their followers on these platforms. Posted content doesn’t tend to be focused toward the customer; rather, it is solely about the business and their new advertising campaign. This can give followers the feeling that the business is unapproachable or doesn’t care to listen to them.

Effectively engaging customers isn’t always easy to do. A simple way to become more relevant on social media is to offer commentary on current events.

For example, on July 2, 2018, LeBron James opted to not return to the Cleveland Cavaliers and instead signed with the Los Angeles Lakers, who offered LeBron $153.3 million to join them on the West Coast. The move caused an iconic mural of LeBron that loomed over Ontario Street in downtown Cleveland to be taken down.

Mural of Lebron James in downtown Cleveland
(Image taken by NY Daily News)

Two days after LeBron’s announcement and one day after the banner was removed, New Balance Baseball posted this to their twitter account:

Twitter account for New Balance Baseball with an image of Francisco Lindor on a mural

New Balance Baseball jumped on the opportunity to suggest a new face for the mural – Francisco Lindor, the Cleveland Indian’s shortstop and advocate for New Balance cleats. Whether or not they will actually strike a deal with Sherwin Williams, the owner of the mural space, is still up in the air. Even so, they seized the opportunity to show their awareness and creativity.

There are plenty of current events that can inspire good content. So how can your company be quick to capitalize on them?

Be Observant

Any good marketer will watch their environment and look for changes or opportunities. It’s important to have an ear to the ground and an eye on the news. A great tool that Facebook and Twitter have is a “trending” page, where any user can see some of the most frequently talked about topics of the day. Notice trends and talk to people in your company about making a connection to specific events that are relevant to your business.

Be Aware

Attempt to view your company’s presence on social media the way that your followers do. What do they expect from you? How should you interact with them? Know your place, and don’t try to stick your brand in where it doesn’t belong. In other words, don’t try to be different from who you are because that will only confuse your followers. This doesn’t mean that you can’t have fun though! Having a unique personality engages your target market and makes them look forward to the next time you post.

It is good to note that there is a difference between being professional and being serious. Your followers want to recognize your company as having a personality and being relevant to them, but at the same time, they will still view your business as a business and not as a childhood friend. Different companies call for different levels of professionalism; find out what your followers expect, and work within that scope.

Be Smart

Use good judgement and responsibility when posting about any current event. There are certain instances that are just best to avoid, typically ones that involve heavily opinionated views. Use your best judgement when making commentary because you don’t want to cause conflict between you and your followers.

Remember, you will be posting publicly for anyone to see, including your prospects. Keep them in mind to ensure the content you post will make a good impression on those who are not familiar with your brand.

Be Empowering

Allow your marketing team to take risks, have fun and be creative with your social media accounts. Remind your team that you encourage new ideas, no matter how bold or different from your usual routine. Give them the tools to create what they have envisioned. For example, give your social media manager access to the corporate social media accounts on their personal cell phone so that they can react quickly if they notice something worthwhile to post about. Establishing trust between you and your team is important.

Be Confident

It happens too often where a member of a marketing team gets an idea about creating a post but then gets cold feet about pursuing it. Why is this? Generally, it’s because they don’t have the confidence instilled in them that their idea is valuable. Teach your employees that they are constantly shaping the business and making an impact. Find ways to recognize them and tell them when they are working well. Make them feel like an owner. If they realize their potential, then they will be confident and creative in their work.

With these tips in mind, go out there and make your company’s voice heard!

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