It’s likely you’ve heard or read the phrase reduce, reuse, recycle – also known as The Three Rs, it provides an easy method for remembering how to restore and preserve the environment.

But, have you thought about it in terms of the content your business or brand provides to its clients and contacts? Your professionals may regularly share information via your company blog – but there are a myriad of innovative ways to go green and reacquaint readers with your business expertise. Let’s take a look at The Three Rs in terms of your already-produced content.

Reduce ­– With so many online formats available, social media is ideal for communicating information. You can recycle your content in 140-character Tweets, share with LinkedIn business contacts or Facebook friends, or recreate as a PowerPoint slideshow. Social media is an essential tool for advertising your business and brand in an uncomplicated and highly receptive fashion.

Reuse — At year’s end, we review all of the blogs our firm produced and determine which bloggers have landed on a top-10-most-popular-posts list. From this, we reproduce a best-of-the-year blog post, and share it through social media and in our e-newsletter. This is an excellent technique to show your audience what you have done throughout the year, and what information was most valued.

Recycle — If your business has a handle on displaying your professionals’ expertise through blogging, consider writing an e-book or a whitepaper. E-books and whitepapers are great ideas for combining related blogs into one downloadable PDF. This will add value by recycling the pre-existing material in both desktop and mobile formats.

Remember, also, especially if your industry has news, laws, or facts that continuously change, to keep your audience updated. Perhaps you wrote a 2010 blog regarding a new tax law; now, in 2013, has anything changed? Always revisit widely received content to ensure your readers remain updated.

Yet another way to think about recycling your blog content is to have your professional appear in a video blog (vlog). Vlogs tend to get a higher click rate because they allow the audience a visual format for engaging.  This is an excellent method for your audience to reconnect and establish a trusting relationship with what the expert is telling them.

These are some of the ideas that have shown success in helping business blog content go green. Try some and see if your audience grows.

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