Please join Skoda Minotti April 19 when we will share 10 powerful marketing tools you can immediately use to better drive leads and improve overall customer experience.

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Marketers have a lot on their plate and often are pulled in multiple directions. The result? They don’t have the time to research new tools that could help them work smarter, not harder.

Thankfully, we’ve done the work for you. As a marketing agency heavily focused on B2B and professional service firms, Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing constantly researches and tests new marketing tools for its clients. In this session, we will highlight 10 powerful marketing tools – from a free CRM solution to easy-to-use video creation software – that marketers can start using immediately.

Sneak Preview

While the full list will have to wait until April 19, we wanted to share a few “bonus” tools to jump-start your thinking. All of the tools below are free to try, so get started today!

Bonus Tool #1: Optimizilla –

Page load speed has gained importance in Google’s search ranking algorithm recently, especially on mobile devices. Nothing grinds your page load times to a halt faster than large image files.

Despite its importance, resizing and optimizing images for your website or blog can be a time-consuming task and something that can easily be overlooked when rushing to get a blog or article posted on time. Optimizilla is a free tool that will compress up to 20 images at one time. Simply drag your files into the software and in just minutes, you’ll have images fully optimized for web use—often cutting 70-80 percent off of your file sizes in the process.

Bonus Tool #2: HotJar –

When designing a new website, we always try to put ourselves in the shoes of website visitors to envision how we can help them navigate the site in the most efficient way possible. Without advanced analytics or sophisticated tools, this approach is basically an educated guess at how users will interact with the site once it is launched.

HotJar minimizes the guesswork by allowing you to see real website mouse tracking heatmaps and visitor recordings on your site. This lets you make educated improvements to your site based on real user data.

Bonus Tool #3: HubSpot Academy –

The HubSpot Academy offers free online marketing courses and certifications, including Inbound Marketing, Content Marketing, Email Marketing and Social Media Marketing. Simply watch these easy-to-follow videos at your own pace and complete the test at the end of each course. As a result, you’ll be able to promote your certification from one of the leading companies in inbound marketing.


Bob Goricki, director of digital marketing for Skoda Minotti Strategic Marketing, implements and manages online marketing programs focused on building awareness and customer acquisition. Bob’s specific areas of expertise include search engine optimization, pay-per-click advertising and email marketing.

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