The Basics of Blogging for Nonprofit Organizations

What it is:

Blogging helps connect people to your mission. It's a place to tell your stories and create a voice and personality for your organization.

Blogging helps optimize your site for search, because you’re updating it more regularly and putting information out there for keywords that are relevant to your organization.


How to do it:

However you want! Share photos, videos, statistics, your victories, your struggles (and how people can help), summaries of reports and other articles published...

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Inbound Marketing for Business: A Glossary of Terms

You’ve heard quite a bit of talk about inbound marketing and every day, read about the new and novel ways inbound marketing will generate leads and revenues for your business. Many of our clients understand the context of what inbound is, however, the words and catch-phrases that we know and love in our industry are gibberish to a lot of non-marketing people. Some of the more common:

  • What is dynamic content?
  • What are ebooks?
  • How do you hashtag?
  • What offers can your business provide?

A quick and...

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Images Now Displaying in Gmail: A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words

Have you ever opened your inbox and received an email from your favorite retailer or service provider, and it just felt like something was “missing” from the email? Chances are, that “something missing” was images meant to be included with the email. With many email programs, however, these images are automatically blocked when a message is delivered (to protect users from unknown senders who may be using images to compromise security). Unless the user manually accepts the image, it remains...

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Free Offer Friday: Inbound Marketing Presentation

How well is your website working for you? (And by working for you, we mean driving potential business leads.) Should your company be using social media?  Unsure of what content to feature on your company's blog? Does the term "search engine optimization" remind you of something you once heard on an episode of Star Trek?

Then you should take advantage of my free presentation on Inbound Marketing, where I cover topics such as:

  • Blogging
  • Social Media
  • Email Marketing
  • Calls-to-Action & Landing Pages
  • Analytic...
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Website Redesign Tips Part 7: Website Analytics

Welcome to the last entry in our website redesign tips series. In this final installment, we’ll cover the importance of measuring the success of your website redesign efforts. A great place to start is with a free tool from Google – Google Analytics.

Even if you aren’t currently undergoing a website redesign process, if you do not have some form of analytics installed on your site, we’d recommend you do it right away. The reason is simple: without some type of analytics package, you’ll have no...

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Website Redesign Tips Part 6: Driving Leads with Premium Content

Thus far in our blog series, we’ve covered lots of important considerations when you are looking into a website redesign, from mobile site design to multi-language support. What we haven’t covered yet is one of the most important aspects of a website redesign – driving leads for your business.

Driving hundreds or even thousands of visitors to your site is great, but it doesn’t make a great impact on your bottom line unless those visitors turn into leads (i.e. you have some type of contact...

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Holiday E-Card Design: Season’s Greetings…in July?

The holidays will be here before you know it and the need to start your holiday card planning and execution process will be here even sooner.  For those of you that are still sending traditional cards - consider sending an e-card instead.

E-cards are an efficient, cost-effective, environmentally friendly alternative to traditional holiday cards, allowing you to personalize your company’s message to your customers, business contacts and local community members.

Cost Savings

When you consider postage...

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Be Marilyn. Be Memorable!

How can anyone forget Marilyn Monroe’s rendition of Happy Birthday as she sang to President Kennedy? The key was she slowed it down (ok, and made it a bit salacious), but it was succinct, clear and she immediately made herself memorable for her spin on an old and known classic. 

I recently attended a business event in which at one point attendees were asked to contribute, voluntarily, some commentary as it related to a particular business experience. The moderator asked the respondent to stand,...

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Website Redesign Tips Part 5: Multi-Language Support

In case you missed part 1 (Setting online marketing goals and objectives) part 2 (Making a website search engine friendly), part 3 (Navigating website navigation) or part 4 (Mapping out a sitemap and uncoiling a wireframe) check out those past articles before you start part 5 below.

Keeping mind that your new website will reside on the World Wide Web, it may be important for you to consider multi-language support if you expect an international audience.

How do you know if your site is receiving...

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Strategic Connection: May 2013

This month's Strategic Connection includes the following articles:

What Should You do if People are Stealing Your Content Online

How to find out if people are copying your content and options you can consider

Google+ Unveils Brand New Look

In case you haven’t visited Google’s social networking site recently, see what you’ve been missing.

Google Completes Penguin 2.0...

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