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Information Technology Informer E-Newsletter – February 2012

This month's issue of IT Informer includes the following articles:

  • 5 Questions to ask your Online Backup Provider 
  • Mobile Device Users Beware: Security Holes Do Exist
  • HIPAA Audits Coming Your Way – Are You Prepared?
  • Featured Product: Get a FREE Web Design Consultation for Your Company's Website

5 Questions to ask your Online Backup Provider

Competition is fierce in the exploding online backup industry. With so many providers, whom can you trust with your data? You must expect your backup provider to have a solution that will get you back their data when you come asking for it. Fewer issues are more sensitive than lost or corrupt data.

Finding a place to backup data is easy these days, but discerning which provider can get back the verifiably correct data all the time every time is much harder. Slick websites and smooth-talking salespeople are no help here. This questionnaire will help you discover the empirical facts you need to determine whether or not to entrust your customers’ data with an online backup provider.

Click here to read more about online backup providers.

Mobile Device Users Beware: Security Holes Do Exist

With the rapid proliferation of mobile devices hitting the business world like a ton of bricks, exploiting security holes in those devices was sure to happen.  And it has.

Click here for an article posted on a recent New York Times blog.

HIPPA Audits Coming Your Way- Are You Prepared?

Just when you may have thought your compliance and security needs are taken care of; out comes another aspect of compliance and security to worry about: HIPAA Compliance Audit. HIPAA audits have evolved, and now must fulfill requirements of Section 13411 of the Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act (HITECH Act) to cover new concerns for medical records. These HITECH requirements ensure that covered entities and their business associates are in compliance with the privacy and security rules of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, and then some. 

Click here to read more about preparing for HIPPA Audits.

Featured Product: Get a FREE Web Design Consultation for Your Company's Website

When’s the last time you had an expert take a look under the hood of your car? Probably within the last year or so, right? Just to make sure everything is running as smooth as it should be.

Click here for more information about how to get a free web design consultaitons

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